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Laredo Handyman, LLC

Hello and welcome to Laredo's premier handyman service. We offer outstanding service for Home Maintenance, Repairs, Remodeling, Installations, Landscape Projects and more. Please take a moment to read about us and view the project gallery displaying some previous work completed by us. The contact form or chat box is the most efficient process for evaluating the work you are requesting. Most jobs can be evaluated through these forms with a detailed description and your uploaded photos. 

5 Stage R/O System

$469 Installed

Hopefully you're not drinking Laredo city water right out of your tap! If you are or you're tired of hauling bottles to the watermills to fill them with filtered water, then here is your solution. An Express Water under sink 5 stage reverse osmosis filtration system.  Upgraded systems with UV sterilization and alkaline mineralization etc, are also available. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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